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Retaining walls

retaining walls constructionRetaining walls serve a variety of purposes. A retaining wall can help with a seemingly hopeless erosion problem. They can also serve as a raised garden for your specialty plants. No matter what your needs are, MakBrick can construct walls that will compliment your home and garden.

Retaining walls can be made from several different types of stone, and can be constructed using many different methods. Limestone is the most common stone for retaining walls in Chicago, however any type of stone will work. Stone comes in different shapes and sizes, and can be mortared or dry stacked. This is one very important reason to have a company who understands your unique needs.

Garden walls in Chicago, IllinoisAnother extremely important reason to have a company that understands the needs of your garden and home is that walls exceeding a certain height need to have a concrete footing underneath. If the wall is retaining a large amount of earth, it may be necessary to lean the wall against the dirt (instead of strait up and down), so the wall doesn't fall over time. Larger walls also require a drainage system and weep holes to relieve hydraulic pressure. Otherwise structural cracking or complete collapse could occur.

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